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The Laboratory of Yantai China Pet Foods Co., Ltd. founded in 2003, covers 300 square meters with high quality inspection technician and advanced test equipments, using domestic and foreign testing methods, more than 20 physical, chemical and microbiological tests can be carried out to meet the requirements of different importing countries on the quality and safety of pet food. Since 2011, the laboratory has been successfully passed China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) of laboratory accreditation with good results, the test results are recognized by members of the international CNAS organization.(China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) is based on Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Certification and Accreditation, it’s a national accreditation which approved by CNCA(Certification and Accreditation Administration of China) of establishment and authorization, responsible for the accreditation of certification bodies, laboratories and inspection institutions.)

In addition to completing the testing tasks issued by the company, also actively carry out sample detection and comparisons with CAIQ,SGS,INTERTEK and other laboratories, continuously improve the accuracy of testing, while actively developing test items, improve detection capabilities to meet the higher quality requirements of company and customers


The powerful strength of research and development ensures that Yantai China Pet Foods Company grows continuously. All our R&D team members are professionals in this field. The company also closely works with the domestic famous food specialist, veterinarians and prestigous universities on R&D and personnel training on nutrition and health.
Currently, more than 70 kinds of products have been patented on the Invention, Utility Model and Design, including pizza, penne pasta, mousse canned food, imitation cheese, chicken biscuit sandwich, meat pie, chicken croissant, etc. In addition, more products are patent pending.
In 2013, Yantai China Pet Foods Co., Ltd. R & D center was selected as Yantai municipal engineering technology research center.


The company have a professional R & D team, including 1 national experts and a number of high-level R & D personnel.
Mr. Zheng Demin, member of third Committee of Chinese Food Industry Association Committee of Experts Committee of canned food science and technology, with more than forty years of experience in canned food industry, led R & D team to capture many problem of canned pet food, greatly enhance the competitive advantage of pet canned products in the industry. At present, the annual output of canned food could be reach to 20,000 tons, covered all kinds of tin cans, retort pouch, and aluminum trays.
In company’s R & D team, we have a number of professional and technical personnel in the food and veterinarian field. Bachelor degree or above personnel more than 50 people, postgraduate degree more than ten people. In addition, the company works closely with the domestic famous food specialist, veterinarians and cultivate specialized personnel.

Yantai China Pet Foods Co., Ltd. founded in 1998, owns 9 subordinate modern factories which are: Factory No.1 (Dry Pet Treats), Factory No.2 (Canned Pet Food), Factory No.3 (Dry Pet Treats), Factory No.4 (Dry Pet Treats), Dry Food Factory, Biscuits & Dental Chews Factory, Cat Litter Factory, USA Factory(Dry Pet Treats) and Canadian Factory(Dry Pet Treats). All of factories in China are designed and built base on Chinese export food standards, which meet all importing countries requirements. The company has passed the government audit by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) of Japan, and approved by HACCP. The factory in USA is designed and built according to the FDA standard.

1. Factory No.1

Factory No.1 was constructed in January 2002, and was put into operation in February 2003, it covers 11,812 square meters, the plant area is 5,969 square meters, with 244 employees, mainly produces pet treats products.

The products designed fall under dog and cat products category, including Dry Chicken Jerky, Dry Duck Jerky, Dry Beef Jerky, Dry Lamb Jerky, Dry Pork Jerky, Dry Lamb Jerky, Dry Fish Jerky, Dog Sausage and other products over 600 varieties, widely exported to EU, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions. The annual production capacity is more than 2000 tons.

The factory is equipped with advanced production equipment, such as microwave thawing machine, vacuum tumbler, cut mixer, filling machine, forming machine, automatic conveyor belt and automatic packing line. It is a modern factory specializing in pet treats production and processing with strong comprehensive strength. Additionally, the factory is registered with EU and the CIQ Association in exporting pet food, and has passed the governmental audit by DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of Australia) and MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan).

2. Factory No.2

Factory No.2 was built in August 2005 and put into production in May 2006. With the market share continues to expand, the workshop area and facilities of the original factory could hardly meet the demands of the market. So the new Canned Food Factory was constructed in July 2011, put into operation in October 2012, covers 15,000 square meters, with 270 employees.

The production line covers dog and cat Canned Food, Retort Pouch, Aluminum Tray and all other canned products. Annual production capacity exceeds 20,000 tons. Equipped with advanced production equipments including the only one Re-filling cube cutting canned food production line in China and 11 sets of the domestic most advanced and automatic cannery retort. This is absolutely leading in the industry. Besides, after put into use of net weight 375g cube cutting canned food Re-filling production line, our product has filled the domestic market gaps and the product quality is well received by the customers.

The technical chief engineer of Canned Factory, Mr. Zheng Demin is an expert committee of China Food Industry Association Canned Food Technical Work Committee Third Committee. With more than forty years experience in canned food industry, Mr. Zheng Demin has led the R&D team to work out many unsolved problems, greatly enhances the competitive advantage of our canned products in the industry.

3. Factory No.3

Factory No.3 was constructed in August 2005, and was put into operation in October 2006, it covers 25,000 square meters, the plant area is 8,000 square meters, with 520 employees, mainly produces pet treats products.

The factory imported advanced processing equipments from Germany, Finland, Canada and other countries, with 8 processing production lines and high production capacity. The products designed fall under dog and cat products category, including Dry Chicken Jerky, Dry Duck Jerky, Dry Beef Jerky, Dry Lamb Jerky, Dry Pork Jerky, Dry Lamb Jerky, Dry Fish Jerky, Dog Sausage and other products over 1000 varieties, widely exported to EU, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions.

4. Factory No.4

Factory No.4 was constructed in January 2008, and was put into operation in August 2009, it covers 8,000 square meters, the designed annual production capacity is 4,000 tons, with 260 employees, mainly produces pet treats products, such as Dry Chicken Steak, Dry Chicken Jerky and Twisted Items.
The factory is the high-end modernization pet treats manufacturer in China, import advanced technology and equipments from Japan including automatic packaging machine, which can be auto-feeding, auto-putting deoxidant, auto-sealing and discharging, the packaging efficiency is greatly improved.
Besides, Factory No.4 has built a convenien modern visiting channel, which can view full site of the workshop without step in.

5. Dry Food Factory

This is a joint-venture factory with the German company Vitakraft who has a long history for 176 years. It is designed in accordance with the standard of Germany, with a full set of international advanced production line, mainly produces dry food for dogs and cats. This Dry Food Factory was established in July 2012 and put into production in May 2013, covers 2,100 square meters, with annual capacity 15,000 tons.
As a highly automatic modern factory, it owns many advanced equipments, which reach the highest level dry food auto-control production in China. The electronic control system can be full controlled by computer. The pulverizer, mixer, bulking machine, dryer and spraying machine are all advanced equipments and technical achievements in China or in the world, high accuracy and energy-efficient.
The factory takes the lead to use the X-ray device in China, this  can ensure the food more safe. And equipped with expert mixed feed laboratory, testing and controlling the microoganism and physical and chemical analysis from raw materials, product processing and final products. The high quality and safety of products can be assured.
As an industry leader in Europe, German company Vitakraft has a very long history for 176 years, they provides a full range of technical support, which makes the Dry Food Factory owns the unmatched advantage in industry.

6. Biscuits & Dental Chews Factory

This is a modern product factory integrating product development and processing, it was constructed in August 2016 and went into operation in February 2017, covers 6,600 square meters.
The factory owns 5 workshops, approximate 40 employees. With advanced biscuit production line and modernization dental products processing equipments, the design annual capacity for both biscuit and dental bones products is 2,500 tons. It is registered in accordance with CIQ Association in exporting pet food in March 2017. The construction of this factory makes the company achieve the first step of producing and marketing biscuits and dental product all by ourselves. In the future the factory will continue to expand production capacity, to achieve large-scale production and sales.


The cat litter factory started reconstruction in the current plant in May 2016, and went into operation in the August 2016, covers 12,000 square meters, with a construction area of 6,000 square meters, plan with an annual output of 10,000 tons.
There are two series of eight kinds of products which including paulownia wood cat litter, applewood cat litter and flower series. With the industry's leading production lines, strict selection of high quality raw materials, scientific formula, production process of overall strict control, after high-temperature sterilization, pulse dust removal before packing to ensure the product performance of water absorption, good deodorization effect and tight clumping ability. It keeps the cat comfortable, dry area, dust free, no smell, and cares for the cat's health, reduce the owners trouble.
Clumping wood cat litter is the leading products in the cat litter industry in China, the products have been sold in China and well received by customer. The factory has been passed the export registration by CIQ, the products have been shipped to Taiwan, Korea, and EU.

8. American Jerky Company LLC

American Jerky Company LLC was founded on Jan, 2014 on California, USA,and went into operation in March of the same year.The factory with a total investment of 20 million US Dollars, covers 20,255 square meters, the plant area is 10,110 square meters.
All the production is based on FDA human consumption standard, the factory with a full set of German production line and a specially designed efficient drying system. All the raw materials are purchased based on high level standard which are supplied by the USA domestic suppliers. The factory is one of the world's best and most professional manufacturer of pet treats.

9. Canadian Jerky Company Jerky

Canadian Jerky Company Jerky is located in Vancouver, Canada, which mainly produces dried meat pet treats. The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, with planned annual production capacity of 1200 tons, it is currently under construction, and will begin operations in the end of 2017...