西甲球衣赞助商 www.onauko.com.cn "Pets are both friends of human beings, and more of our families," and with such an idea, Yantai China Pet Foods Co.,Ltd. has been committed to providing the best pet food to our dogs and cats from the beginning. In order to provide the highest quality food for pets, at the same time of strict with themselves, and also approved by many domestic and international authoritative certification, including quality certification, food safety certification, social responsibility audit, many official registrations of developed countries and so on.

Quality Traceability

Yantai China Pet Foods Co., Ltd. has long been committed to establishing and improving the quality assurance system. The company strictly controls the quality throughout all the production process, from the raw materials, to the production, packing, storage, until the finished products; all process are strictly monitored. All of  material are the export grade and from meat processing factories registered by Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China. Our raw material suppliers  strictly implement the whole process of quality and safety control: including feeding, disease control, agricultural and veterinary residue monitoring, slaughtering, processing, inspection and quarantine, export release and so on. Poultry breeding is managed directly by export processing registered enterprises, and achieve five unified: unified supply of poultry seedlings, unified epidemic prevention, disinfection, unified supply of feed, unified supply of drugs, unified slaughter processing. The indexes of microbe, drug residue and heavy metal all meet the standards of human consumption exportation standard. From raw materials into the factory to the production process to the finished product, every process should be tested strictly. The raw material should be tested for the microbial and physical and chemical inspection when the raw materials enter into factory, and can be used after pass the inspection. Moreover, the company sets up “The traceability system” and “Defect product recall system”. All the finished products can be traced back to the raw material to ensure product quality and safety.